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Inspiring Design... with Rashan Senanayake is the missing link where design and education meets. Our guests sharing their knowledge in design, design education, design thinking, teaching techniques, industry standards as well as the study of design, connects the knowledge gaps in the design industry from a secondary, tertiary and industry stand point. Rashan is an author, speaker, designer and a passionate enthusiasts of both design and education. For more information on your host, please visit

It’s the way to transform new realities, enabling new futures.

Episode 6 - VR, AR, MR, XR? What’s this all got to do with design and education? - Jessie Hughes(New Media Artist and VR Filmmaker)

In this episode, Jessie and I finally uncover what you need to know about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and even Extended Reality. Alongside what to know, what to look out for, which brands, how to use this new technology and finally how this all relates to the classroom today – not to mention the future of education and design!

Episode 5 - The importance of Design Thinking (human centered design) for 21st century learning skills - Natalie Wright (QUT)

With Natalie’s extensive research and leading knowledge in design thinking, it is now (more than ever before) evident of its importance in the classroom. Especially if our education system is to adapt, evolve and align with the future of work – it is a corner stone of the future of education.

Episode 4 - A Unique perspective of the Design Classroom and how it affected around Australia - Peter Murphy (DATTA Australia President)

Learn about Peter Murphy's perspective of entering into the education system in Australia, following his design background in Glasgow. Peter's involvement at a national scale through DATTA Australia allowed him to witness and understand how classrooms operate and how the changes in tech and learning styles are evolving - It's the next chapter in education with the integration of 21st century skills.

Episode 3 - Impact of technology in the classroom today and why facilitation is more important than ever before! - Corey Giesken (Ferny Grove State High School)

In this episode Corey and I discover the real impacts and how to overcome the impact of the fast evolution and change in technology, in the classroom - specially in the design classroom.

Episode 2 - 21st Century Learning and its impact in Education - Russell Lidgard (Kawana Waters State College)

In this episode we unlock the genius behind a forward thinking 21st Century Learning HOD with implementation techniques that are slightly unconventional, but the results are incredible!

Episode 1 - Tertiary Design Education and Sketching Technologies - Andrew Scott (Queensland University of Technology)

In this inaugral episode, Andrew unveils his vast experience in tertiary level design education - the tricks, tips and how it's done with his leadership at QUT (Queensland University of Technology).